The Wired Word

Cost: $12.50 book fee

Materials for this session:

  • Having a Mary Spirit: Allowing God to Change us from the Inside Out

By Joanna Weaver

  • Bible (bring your own or use provided one)

All women are invited to participate and to bring a friend. The insights that you'll receive from the Scripture and from each other can be informative and life changing. The women meet from 9:00-10:30 every Monday morning in the Room with a View. Please text Diane 708-560-3505 to reserve a book or if you have any questions.

Cost for this session: Free

Materials for this session:

  • All materials are provided. Bring your Bible or use one of ours.

The Wired Word is an invigorating Bible study that allows us to see just how our faith interweaves with the world around us. We will look at very current topics that are happening right now in the world around us...and spend time discussing how this applies to our faith. This is a great Bible study for those who are looking for something different and great for those who like to keep current on happenings in the world.

Sundays 10:30am​

led by Bill Erdmann

Beginning Sept 9th​Mondays  9:00-10:30am ​

Sept 9th​- Nov 4th

Mondays  6-7:30pm​

Cost for this session: $108.99

Materials for this session:

  • Everything included in online registration
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