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We are in love with this radio station!  This is like the Christian version of RadioDisney...but even better!  Click the logo to check it out.

Music the kids will love!:

Explore this website with your children.  There are so many possibilities! Explore the Bible and grow in your faith together.

orange parents

This site is full of great tips for parents. You just need to check it out!

Favorite websites:






Why not put a visual number to the time you have left...

before someone graduates?

before an event happens?

before something is due?

When you count the weeks you have left with a kid, you stand a better chance of making your weeks count.

Price: FREE

Our lives are busy. As parents, we want to prioritize our children. We want to do everything we can to invest in them relationally, to guide them developmentally and to help them grow in their faith in Christ. but it's just so easy to get caught up in the urgent day-to-day business of life.

This parent Cue App provides you with simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

Every month, Parent Cue will focus on one specific virtue, or life application. You will receive prompts for videos, activities, discussion questions and more that will help you connect with your child around this one key virtue. These prompts will come in the form of Drive Time videos, Hang Time activities, and Meal Time discussion starters to help you fit them into the day-to-day moments of your routine. There's even a section just for you called Parent Time that's filled with parent blogs, podcasts and more.

Price: $1.99 (and so worth it!)

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for your family

Boy do we know the challenge it is to find ways to connect with all the members of your family...especially as they grow older! Immanuel would like to help you connect with your family on every level.  We hope you will find the information we have collected below useful. Please check out our upcoming family events...oh and...happy browsing!

Family Fun Night

January 9th 6:30-8:30pm

FAMILY FUN NIGHT IS BACK!  Join us for another night of family friendly karaoke, games and food. Get your family together and prepare an act for the talent show (sing, dance, do a creative!) One lucky act will win the Family Fun Night Trophy!  Karaoke songs will be available, or bring a clean edit CD or mp3.