Backpack Blessing

Pastor Bryan will be offering a Back2School Backpack Blessing.  This blessing is not only for those who will be receiving a backpack from us, but for any student or teacher that will be headed back to school this fall.  If you have your own backpack...feel free to bring it to have it blessed!

August 10th 3-6pm

Backpacks for students K-8th

Are you in need of school supplies?

Each year we make it a priority to provide fully stocked backpacks to students who are in need.  We have called upon the community, local businesses and other churches to help us to do this.  If your family is in need of one or more of these backpacks, please follow the steps below.  Read carefully, we have organized this process differently from previous years.  We request that if you are not in need of a backpack...please leave them for someone who truly has a need.  While we make it a point to try to give a backpack to every student in need, we cannot guarantee a backpack to any child, even if they pre-register.  Any leftover backpacks from the event will be brought directly to the social workers in our local school districts to be given to students who show up with nothing on the first day of school.


        Pre-register for the event

Pre-registration does not guarantee your family any backpacks.  IT DOES, HOWEVER, allow you to skip the line that forms for those who have not registered online.  Please fill out the form as completely as possible.  This information will help us to better understand the needs for the less-generic school supplies (i.e. the need for pencil boxes vs. pencil cases). 

step 2     

         Come early and get your wristband and ticket.

When you come to the event, you must still go to the orange canopy, but go directly to the area marked "pre-registration".  At that time your child will receive a wristband. This wristband allows is your pass for the activities as well as Claim-A-Pack. Your wristband will indicate what time you should go to Claim-A-Pack. If you lose this wristband, we cannot give you a backpack. Each member of your family will also receive a meal ticket. This ticket gets you one free meal. Thank you to God's Harbor for All Souls for providing free meals for us this year.

Step 3

        Claim your backpack  (Claim-A-Pack)

During the period of time your wristband indicatees, you may go into the building and claim your backpack.  Pay special attention to whether the bag contains wide-ruled or college-ruled materials. Take your bag to the tables with additional supplies to get any of the additional supplies you need (these supplies are limited).  If there are supplies you were provided that you do not can give them to one of the volunteers so they can be given to someone who does need them.  Once done, you will be asked go into the sanctuary. Pastor Bryan will give you a Back to School blessing. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST BACKPACKS. We recommend bringing them out to the car before you and your family enjoy the rest of the event. activities.

step 4      

        Stay and play!

We will have games, food, inflatables, and music that will keep you plenty busy.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPERVISING YOUR CHILDREN.  All of our activities are adult friendly and we encourage you to participate with your kids. We have located the activities close to the pavilion so that you can keep a close eye on your children if you must sit down.

We love hosting this event, and thank you for helping us keep this event safe and fun for all families!


Due to complications and no-shows over the years...NO BACKPACKS ARE PROMISED TO ANYONE PRIOR TO "CLAIM-A-PACK".  Backpacks will be claimed first come, first served. You and your child must be present to receive a backpack.NO EXCEPTIONS!